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TrustCSR is our specialist Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) business. Our consultants help businesses develop strategies for employee engagement and community investment to align their values and behaviour with stakeholders. Our programme management team supports clients in establishing and managing corporate foundations, matched giving and volunteering schemes. Click below to see how we could help you gain real value out of your CSR programmes.


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The Trust Partnership manages charitable trusts, providing cost effective outsourced administration, governance and grant management programmes as well as supporting investment management reviews and other consultancy. We also provide financial management services to a range of charities. Click below to see our services, what our clients think of us and how we could help your trust to make a bigger impact with its grant making.



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Jireh Solutions and Bluefuse are our specialist IT partners providing inexpensive and highly effective IT solutions for charities, social ventures and innovative businesses.

Jireh's cloud solutions work for any size of organisation while their sales and support team offers expert, cost effective advice. Bluefuse are great web designers and builders, with a phenomenal project management offering that makes improving your website really simple. Both are highly focussed on helping charities achieve more. Click below to see how we can help you make the most of the cloud and the web without the need for in-house resources.


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